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This day’s portion

This day’s portion

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Quick win for hero and video addicted uni websites. — Add img sizes to markup, squoosh, lazy load where appropriate and offer modern formats. UCL serves 5MB of home page imagery, which could be shaved to 1.6MB without changing the design.

This was a great piece from Jay Rayner which almost had me in tears. And to think I paid £13 for two (ok-ish) bacon rolls in (rolls eyes at self, if that’s possible) Woodbridge yesterday.

I started on Owen Hatherley’s Modern Buildings in Britain and can report, local followers, that Ipswich is “very ordinary”. Fair dos. (The Willis office is one of Foster’s 3 best British buildings, though.)

I’m surprised this document (via @frontenddogma) doesn’t exist in some form already. While you could argue it’s not the W3C’s job to do ethics, I’m grateful. The corporate web has become too innured to scuzzy – and unproven – marketing...

A new social type was being created by the apartment building, a cool, unemotional personality impervious to the psychological pressures of high-rise life…These impossible structures (via @minimalissimo) are fantastic – and terrifying.

Ah, the blokes. This is perceptive, I think, noting a shift in how the appearance and lingo of achingly traditional power structures – middle class, privately educated men running things – morph over time. Not just in cricket.I suspect I’m...

I know these places that mark Blake’s life well, and they’re all walkable around – which is one of the many things I loved about living in London.(Worked in Paul Street near Blake’s birthplace, and where he was buried, and...

On the technology between full-on SPAs and traditionally static websites. There’s a lot you can do here – and it’s simple to manage and not dependent on a ton of other packages.

We are beautifully falling into the sea here in East Anglia.

Libraries as what my colleague James would describe as a place to be.

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