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The Mistake of A New Laptop

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I do like the idea of installing a Linux variant on a fully configurable second hand laptop, but I am typing this on a 2015 MBP which probably (🤞) has another 4-5 years life in it.

Why doesn’t Labour like people who live in cities?

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Labour’s core vote – its “heartlands”, if you like – isn’t in the deindustrialised north but in the metropolises, university towns and their overflow areas. So why doesn’t it seem to like them?

Scottish independence

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Looks like a strong pro-independence majority in Scotland. From a selfish point of view, this offers me a route to an EU passport as my father-in-law is Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Kobo Libra H2O: Liberated from Amazon?

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This is a good review of the Kobo eReader, comparing the whole package and experience to owning a Kindle. Kobos have played very nicely with Overdrive, who provide our eBook lending service, for years – they’re great devices. (Note to...

The state of the Labour Party in 2021

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I don’t write abut politics much anymore, but this seems a good time to think about the state of the Labour Party. Labour will do badly in tomorrow’s elections due to a number of factors outside its control, but the current leadership is catastrophically wrong in its strategy.