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Anything that catches my eye or worthy of comment, often accompanied by some short thoughts.

The Mistake of A New Laptop

I do like the idea of installing a Linux variant on a fully configurable second hand laptop, but I am typing this on a 2015 MBP which probably (🤞) has another 4-5 years life in it.

Kobo Libra H2O: Liberated from Amazon?

This is a good review of the Kobo eReader, comparing the whole package and experience to owning a Kindle. Kobos have played very nicely with Overdrive, who provide our eBook lending service, for years – they’re great devices. (Note to...

An open letter to Jason and David

I never could forgive myself for that [not including hate speech or harassment in Basecamp’s user restriction policy], and thought about the omission each time I was asked to make a policy change. I thought about it through COVID-19, as...


So Joseph basically asked Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Cluster, Harmonia, Eno-collaborator, all round Krautrock god) to provide a mix for his podcast and the great man did! This makes me happy. I have noted how other German musicians remained similarly accessible despite...

Get the FLoC out

Very hard to disagree with the awfulness of FLoC – just use Firefox, people! Also, contextual marketing makes sense, non? Place adverts according to the page’s content rather than whatever gruesome user picture Facebook or Google has painted.

Second Beat Songs Hey Ya!

They say write something, remove half the words, then edit again…

When the queen dies

If I remember rightly in the early 2000s the plan if the Queen died was just to redirect every non-news BBC URL to a single page that was just a black background with a centred picture of the Queen and...