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123. Constructing the Golem

Stepping sideways has always struck me as extremely good advice. Le Guin (who wrote a blog, which has been archived) on Trump’s popularity and its dependence on people simply responding to him:

He is also the subject of most lead stories in most newspapers, which is expectable for a new president, and of endless editorials. I gather that he fills the political news on TV even more thoroughly and is exhaustively, continually discussed, attacked, defended, parodied, etc. on the social media, not to mention his own nightly fits of twittering. I don’t know this firsthand because I rarely watch or listen to any media news any more, don’t follow or read social media at all (though occasionally have posted something from my website), and don’t have a smart phone. If this makes you feel that I am disqualified to comment on modern life and politics, I can’t argue… Every witty parody, hateful gibe, clever takeoff, etc., merely plays his game, and therefore plays into his hands.

Just ignore every two bit grifter.