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This a rather beautifully designed post on newsletters, RSS and the difficulty of publishing web pages and getting yourself read — and paid. It incidentally serves as an example of why you should bother with crafting web pages, the form enhancing the argument:

It bothers me that writers can’t create audiences on their own websites, with their own archives, and their own formats. And they certainly can’t get paid in the process. (Although yes, there are exceptions). Heck, just the technical expertise required to have your own website is extremely cumbersome and inaccessible to many.

Hard to disagree, I guess. Publishing itself is simple, I think – just go to, choose yourself a theme and off you go. You don’t have to use Jekyll, Eleventy et al.

Also, how short-sighted of browsers to essentially give up on RSS. Is putting an RSS icon in the browser address bar so hard?