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I’ll never stop blogging: it’s an itch I have to scratch – and I don’t care if it’s an outdated format

Freedom and doing it for free go together. I’ve resisted the idea of going the Substack or newsletter route. If I were to become conscious of having a subscriber base, I’d start trying to please them. And blogging should be the opposite of work. But if it’s not compelled, blogging is compulsive: an itch I have to scratch. And for every post published, there are five that never get beyond notepad scrawls or fumes in the back of my mind.

Was good reading this as it reminded me of why I’ve blogged in the past – I’ve had a bit of a falling out with it recently. “Scratching an itch” was exactly how I felt until a few months back.

Couldn’t agree more about “monetising” (surely the most gruesome word to emerge from the internet) one’s blog.