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Free Hit

This is really good on that game – my son’s first away match 😊 – and crowd dynamics:

I would love us to bring that feeling into every moment in every game – hope not expectation, dreams not demands, ambition not anxiety. I know we can’t, context is king for the rhythms of a crowd.

Portman Road has been a bit quiet recently, but it soon picks up again once the team gets going. The worst thing about the quietness is that it’s filled by the two moaners near us.

These are the type of fans who go to football for just two reasons: i) to swear loudly in public (fine) and ii) to publicly verbally abuse someone, anyone; it could be an opposition player, but it’s just as likely to be the referee or a Town player (Freddie Ladapo recently). Strange how the law is suspended during a football match. They tend to communicate the notion that this is what going to football is, which means they drown out everyone else, whose silence is an involuntary complicity.