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Goodbye Mastodon, Hello RSS.

Goodbye Mastodon, Hello RSS.

Yes, it’s better to follow things in RSS as Mastodon, Twitter et al steal your time. Just need a way to follow my Mastodon stream in NetNewsWire.

By jdzero. Originally published 05/02/23.

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Andrés Cárdenas

I tried this for a while, eventually the RSS reader became busy too so I went back to Mastodon. Have you tried It generates an RSS for one’s Mastodon timeline.

My goal was also to have ONE UI and be able to interact with anyone on the web from it. Best I’ve found so far is, it requires Microsub which is easy to set up with Aperture, but in my experience it doesn’t refresh all feeds so it’s unreliable.

I wish there was an easy to self-host Microsub server because that would immediately make Together or Monocle my RSS readers.