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Minimal Dark Mode

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Minimal Dark Mode

I’ve been looking for a way to invert colours for a while, and here it is. Currently using and it appears to work perfectly.

Original article by Jens Meiert. Published 04/11/22.


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The problem with this is that it can result in high contrast, which is almost as hard on the eyes as a light theme for me personally. White on black results in text getting burned into the eyes, which is immediately clear if you stare at text for a few seconds and then close your eyes.



Yes, that’s a good point. The problem is that by just inverting colours in dark mode we assume we can retain the same comfortable contrast as light mode (if indeed that is comfortable).

At the moment in light mode I have a white background which inverts to black (#000), and a dark grey foreground (#333 which inverts to #ccc), so I’m light grey on black rather than white on black.

This feels OK to me, but harsher than what I had before when I was setting dark mode colours rather than simply inverting them. I guess the solution is to tone down the background colour in light mode as well.