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Why I Retired My Webmention Server

Also worth noting that sending webmentions is a pain because of microformats. Some endpoints parse and display mine, others don’t.

The mood round is here fairly anti-webmentions at the moment. Using remains useful in the same way that Google Analytics can help you pick up who’s referring to your site – if they’re sending webmentions and/or using WordPress, of course. 99% of the time these will come from Mastodon via Bridgy. And yes, there’s more and more depressing spam: viagra and gambling, mainly.

Getting microformat classes to play nicely with all endpoints is difficult. Using classes seems the wrong approach these days anyway – wouldn’t data- attributes be more appropriate? – and having to nest correctly only increases the possibility of something going wrong. It’s pretty frustrating. I think I’ve spent enough time messing around with something that should be as simple as adding a few classes to my HTML 🤷‍♂️