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Every goddam thing ever

  1. Fall Friday 2023-09-22: Spencer
  2. Brian Eno
  3. Tesla ad ruins Top Boy
  4. AI is good for writing dull, onerous texts that won’t be read
  5. Text decoration in Safari is odd
  6. Judge Tosses Block Shareholder Lawsuit Over ‘Terrible’ Tidal Purchase
  7. Fall Friday 2023-09-01
  8. Answered Prayers: England and the 1966 World Cup review – agonising and absorbing
  9. Not writing for Google
  10. Premier League and Fifa helpless against Saudi juggernaut’s relentless progress
  11. ITFC v LUFC
  12. Fall Friday 2023-08-25
  13. ALIENS (1986) Audio Description
  14. Elon Musk, Once Again, Tries To Throttle Links To Sites He Dislikes
  15. There’s Meaning in the Ordering of the Web’s Tech Stack
  16. Making your website look like a typewritten page, part 2: Headings, colour and interest
  17. Prussian songs
  18. Making your website look like a typewritten page, part 1: The design problems
  19. Going mono
  20. The beginning of the end of the JAMStack and Netlify
  21. Fall Friday 2023-07-28
  22. Verdana revival
  23. Meta’s Threads Didn’t Launch In The EU: Is That Showing The Failure Or Success Of The Digital Markets Act?
  24. Importing every account you follow’s rss feed into Feedbin might not be that clever after all
  25. Fastmail does static websites
  26. In Defense of the Yugo
  27. Labour byelection activists warned: ‘Show respect to Tory voters or go home’
  28. More than 1,5 million streams brought me royalties
  29. The Whiteness of Mastodon
  30. Fall Friday 2023-07-14
  31. Forgive all these links today
  32. Pain, No Gain
  33. The algorithmic anti-culture of scale
  34. Wild and Tattered Kingdom
  35. My temporary disability and how I coped with it
  36. My jeans’ metadata may outlive the company that sold them
  37. Montana State Library Commission Votes to Withdraw From American Library Association (ALA)
  38. In defense of Deliverism
  39. Remember POSSE, Leon
  40. Le Tissier warning on pace of revolution
  41. Autoposting from to Mastodon
  42. On libraries and their “value”
  43. Trialling Plausible on a university website
  44. The joyless polity
  45. Why organisations should have an indieweb publication strategy (or: why ITFC should have an RSS feed)
  46. Current CSS approach
  47. John Gruber Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About
  48. FallFriday 2023-06-23
  49. Links should be underlined on
  50. Using figures or articles (or nothing) to markup a list of article links
  51. Using figures for article listings
  52. Fall Friday 2023-06-16
  53. How to enjoy your SecondSelf Skinset Pro
  54. Keyboard to face attachment unit
  55. Isn’t That Spatial?
  56. Fall Friday 2023-06-09
  57. Decorating minimalism
  58. Fall Friday 2023-06-02
  59. Into Browserworld
  60. Making your simple blog display properly on a Samsung TV
  61. To make your website viewable on any device you’ll have to be conservative with your CSS
  62. What blogs should be: Viewable on any device, in any context
  63. Fall Friday 2023-05-26
  64. Video backgrounds
  65. View transitions: an obligatory “am I missing something?” post
  66. Fall Friday 2023-05-19
  67. Performative minimalism
  68. Writing, Fragments, and the Memex Method
  69. What blogs should be: Introduction
  70. Book Club: The Next Chapter review – four go mad in Italy in excruciating comedy sequel
  71. A blog’s requirements
  72. Good code man
  73. Not worrying about webmentions
  74. On non-designing a blog
  75. Fall Friday 2023-05-12
  76. My idea of fun
  77. Why I Retired My Webmention Server
  78. Thanks and I picked your webmention up 👍
  79. The problem with sticky menus and what to do instead
  80. 15 years of blogging
  81. Related benefits
  82. Embracing obscurity
  83. Fall Friday 2023-05-05
  84. Skinny Guardian
  85. The why and to whom of social media
  86. Updog
  87. Don’t use custom CSS scrollbars
  88. Ipswich v Exeter, 29 Apr 2023 (the one where everything went perfectly and we were promoted)
  89. This is the day
  90. No more home makeovers! The horror show of renting in Britain finally comes to TV
  91. Fall Friday 2023-04-28
  92. Improving site performance
  93. More webmention woes
  94. Review of Tidal after a year: hot garbage
  95. Fall Friday 2023-04-21
  96. Reply to Andrés Cárdenas on Minimal and usable
  97. Hovis in The Fall
  98. Minimal and usable
  99. Markdownify Jekyll Titles to Make Them Pretty
  100. 23 years ago…
  101. Substack Notes moderation
  102. Fall Friday 2023-04-14
  103. Disappearing schools, families forced out – and we call this progress
  104. Substack is a traditional social network
  105. Making landlords rich
  106. The Lifehouse: Distributed community support centers for the Long Emergency
  107. 9 Apr is CSS Naked Day
  108. Beyond daylight ethics
  109. Fall Friday 2023-04-07
  110. Some notes on using Github to power native comments on a static site
  111. More Fall lyrics
  112. Nostalgia curdles
  113. So long, Twitter API, and thanks for all the fish
  114. Free portraits of Charles III for all public bodies, but £8m cost branded ‘shameful’
  115. Other people’s code: Against embedding third-party widgets
  116. Derby 0-2 ITFC
  117. Javascript and comments on a static website
  118. Making random Fall lyrics
  119. Using webmentions for your site comments
  120. Fall Friday 2023-03-31
  121. Publishing Fall lyrics
  122. On webfonts, performance and typography
  123. Fall Friday 2023-03-24
  124. ITFC v Shrewsbury 18 Mar 2023
  125. Zola experiments part 1
  126. Beware Hunt’s hype. There’s more poverty ahead and his budget did nothing to change that
  127. Zola?
  128. Fall Friday 2023-03-17
  129. The best form is no form
  130. FLIC BOT
  131. is more expensive
  132. Some notes on moving from Jekyll to either Kirby or WordPress
  133. WordPress bound
  134. It is 2009 on Twitter
  135. I do want to go back to social media
  136. Netlify CMS to Become Decap CMS: What You Need to Know
  137. Fall Friday 2023-02-24
  138. Fandom is fun!!!!
  139. Re; Reading social streams in feed reader
  140. Reply to
  141. Reply to
  142. Webmentions can help create small networks around websites rather than social media
  143. Reply to
  144. Current indieweb status
  145. Grrr crossposting to Mastodon
  146. When to listen to LPs
  147. No-one ever said indieweb was gonna be easy
  148. Fall Friday 2023-02-17
  149. Rats, mould, damp: one woman’s story reveals the ugly truth about the UK’s biggest housing association
  150. A little RSS badge as a prize
  151. 50 days of Krautrock
  152. Validate yer feeds
  153. The best thing about Github is correcting blog post typos
  154. Sending webmentions is hard
  155. Reading your social media stream in an RSS reader
  156. Provide Blog Metadata via JSON-LD
  157. Fall Friday 2023-02-10
  158. What is simple web design?
  159. Screen: twice as big. Information: 1/4 of original.
  160. Reply to:
  161. Flat navigation menus
  162. The disinformation about the disinformation
  163. Goodbye Mastodon, Hello RSS.
  164. Trailing slashes
  165. Bridgy crossposting
  166. Going with the grain
  167. My CSS is an absolute mess
  168. Fall Friday 2023-02-03
  169. On the house of all
  170. ‘It’s a homage to what Mark E Smith taught us’: ex-Fall members House of All deny exploiting band’s legacy
  171. Changing a font weight from 600 to normal
  172. Modern Health, frameworks, performance, and harm
  173. “Make It Go Woomph!” New Order's Low-Life Revisited
  174. Reading Tristram Shandy in an Age of Distraction
  175. What an indieweb would look like
  176. RRW is now a content farm
  177. Riffing and blogging
  178. Fall Friday 2023-01-27
  179. The moral of the machines taking over
  180. Off His Royal Tits
  181. When humans write for machines
  182. The End of Writing
  183. Spotify to cut 600 jobs after CEO admits to expanding too quickly
  184. How to Review a Web Site
  185. Netlify integrations – webmentions
  186. Butterfly keyboards are rubbish
  187. RSS to Mastodon notes
  188. Choosing a headless CMS for my simple static blog
  189. Current stream status
  190. Fall Friday 2023-01-20
  191. Headless and invisible CMSs
  192. Prose as possible minimal CMS
  193. Clearer what Twitter is
  194. Sending your First Webmention from Scratch
  195. Testing webmentions. Again.
  196. Whenever I get a notification for an iOS update I think it’s the last one my iPhone SE will get
  197. Fall Friday 2023-01-13
  198. A Marxist View of Tolkien’s Middle Earth
  199. New CMS
  200. DNS, DNS
  201. How Twitter misleads us about how many people have left — and what to do about it
  202. The ‘Tumblrification’ of social media
  203. End of Life
  204. Welcoming Blue Action to the middle of the North Stand
  205. Melie looking up at the camera
  206. Redoing webmentions
  207. Weekend 2023-01
  208. Fall Friday 2023-01-06
  209. A global recession may be looming, but there is a way out of this rut
  210. On Running a Mastodon Instance
  211. Tailoring syndication to social platforms
  212. The Guardian API is down
  213. Quitting Twitter
  214. Why I quit Twitter… a decade ago
  215. Chartbook #184 – Nostalgia for decline in deconvergent Britain
  216. Benoit Symposium: Writers in the DPRK: The Invisible Stars
  217. Standard eBooks
  218. The year of no Godaddy
  219. Make 2023 the year you help destroy Twitter
  220. Brands and bands POSSEing
  221. Change that pw
  222. It’d be great if NetNewsWire allowed you to follow your Mastodon feed
  223. Roseate
  224. replies
  225. Reply to How do people integrate their long form blogging with their micro blogging?
  226. What email provider should I use?
  227. They don’t only take our labor.
  228. The Arc browser sounds interesting, but I can’t tell how it’ll make its money
  229. Can Just Stop Oil make the case for protest?
  230. The ethics of syndicating comments using WebMentions
  231. Webmentions and privacy
  232. POSSE for when it falls over
  233. Lab majority 2024
  234. Building dynamic static sites
  235. Are personal Mastodon instances bad for discovery?
  236. Mastodon should remove follower and following counts to stop it becoming like Twitter
  237. The left and the fediverse
  238. Programming is a Pop Culture
  239. The Age of Social Media Is Ending
  240. Does Jeremy Corbyn Need the Labour Party?
  241. I don't want to go back to social media
  242. Picture perfect images with the modern img element
  243. Oh! Brother: MARCIA SCHOFIELD — Anecdotes and Antidotes in B#
  244. No HTML in IFTTT to Mastodon posts?
  245. ‘Who remembers proper binmen?’ The nostalgia memes that help explain Britain today
  246. In praise of conventional thinking
  247. Use to post to Mastodon from your website
  248. Men and things
  249. Some thoughts on the fediverse and Mastodon
  250. Social Media Is Dead
  251. Follower counts on Mastodon
  252. Implementing comments without javascript on a static, Jekyll-powered site using Welcomments
  253. Static time wasters
  254. Big Tech’s Algorithms Are Built With Invisible Labor
  255. Fixing comments
  256. Minimal Dark Mode
  257. To toot or not to toot
  258. Programming Portals
  259. Jekyll 5 on the horizon
  260. TIL: Netlify stops processing redirect rules as soon as one is applied
  261. On leave
  262. Fostodon test
  263. Minimalism as narcissism
  264. What is website minimalism?
  265. Building the main navigation for a website
  266. Two things I learned by validating my HTML again
  267. UK’s relegation to League One
  268. Bookmark managers
  269. Don’t make your body text font-weight light
  270. Mourning through boredom
  271. Creating three international Skinny Guardian editions
  272. Hero images just get in the way
  273. Removing royal stories from Skinny Guardian
  274. CSS Classes considered harmful
  275. Arts funding in England is a thin gruel that organisations are forced to beg for
  276. Site on a Nokia 225
  277. (Re)introducing Skinny Guardian, a fast, minimal version of The Guardian
  278. Pick an ownership model
  279. Real mobile design
  280. Using Windows
  281. Twitter and page position
  282. Level six
  283. Closed Twitter open site
  284. Jah Wobble: In Conversation On Get Carter At 50
  285. Mick Lynch Is Tired of Workers Getting Screwed
  286. Pathologically boring men (and girlbosses)
  287. The Northern Roots of Modernist Sci-Fi
  288. 40°
  289. Handling Long Words and URLs (Forcing Breaks, Hyphenation, Ellipsis, etc)
  290. About to publish
  291. Making RSS readable in a browser
  292. Minimal Social Markup
  293. Hiding search boxes
  294. My text editors
  295. Some thoughts about blogging and “style”
  296. Six social media commenting principles, how they don’t work and an alternative broadcast system
  297. You couldn’t write a sentence this bad IF YOU TRIED.
  298. Striking workers are providing the opposition that Britain desperately needs
  299. Crossed Rails
  300. Write HTML Right
  301. Bunny Fonts: an apparently GDPR-compliant, privacy-respecting alternative to Google Fonts
  302. Rediscovering 500 words
  303. Tinkering with your MVP website until it looks like mine
  304. The smallest CSS
  305. On Ido and Far-Right Subversion
  306. Time to move on from Jekyll
  307. Hatpin through the Brain
  308. Atlanta Apple Store Employees Drop Bid for Union Vote Next Week
  309. My last day at Suffolk Libraries
  310. Hero image and video-addicted uni websites don’t optimise, so they’re really slow
  311. The greasy spoon chronicles: a day in the life of the Hope Workers Cafe
  312. Ipswich is very ordinary
  313. W3C TAG Ethical Web Principles
  314. A Future City From The Past
  315. The Blazers have been usurped by the Blokes in cricket’s corridors of power
  316. Divinely-Inspired Art: John Higgs on William Blake’s Visions of the Sublime
  317. The Demise of the Mildly Dynamic Website
  318. Life on the edge: Land loss on England’s east coast – a photo essay
  319. ‘I come to the library to keep warm’: Norfolk residents battling fuel poverty
  320. The Librarians Are Not Okay
  321. Action, inaction and ‘cancel culture’
  322. What I learned about markdown from interviewing a bunch of people
  323. On the Disappearing of Joan Vollmer Burroughs
  324. 👍👍 A complete failure: The story of Norwich City’s relegation from the Premier League
  325. Some notes on using clamp and vw to set font size
  326. Bad Twitter ideas
  327. Mastodon's Eugen Rochko Talks Decentralization, Blockchain, And Grifters
  328. GB News on my Tv
  329. Nature writing’s ill-defined, thriving ecosystem
  330. Applied for Student Aid Online? Facebook Saw You
  331. Sorry!
  332. The Flanders phenomenon: how Belgian buildings went from joke to genius
  333. What is it Like to Be a Blind Writer Writing for Sighted Readers?
  334. That Wasn’t Right, Mark: When Fat White Family Met The Fall
  335. Klaus Schulze Has Died, Aged 74
  336. It Took The Night To Believe: Greg “The Lord” Anderson Interviewed
  337. Mastodon and the future of Twitter
  338. WP block editor
  339. So Elon Musk Bought Twitter
  340. Going Postal
  341. So, About That Bug Fucking: A Conversation with Chris Panatier
  342. Designing Better Navigation With Navigation Queries
  343. Childish Font Sizes
  344. The Future of the Web Is Marketing Copy Generated by Algorithms
  345. The Digital Age is Destroying Us
  346. Have We Forgotten How to Read Critically?
  347. Applying link taxonomy to articles
  348. How Darwin Influenced Marx and Engels
  349. You don’t see many cats on leads
  350. Twitter should move to a subscription model
  351. Meet the Socialist Librarian Running for President of the American Library Association
  352. Drabinski Wins 2023–2024 ALA Presidency
  353. NetNewsWire themes
  354. The Meaning of Slaughterhouse-Five, 50 Years Later
  355. The Side Effects of Tailored Digital Experiences
  356. Page Speed live edits
  357. Farewell to Nakagin Tower
  358. Kurt Vonnegut’s Socialism From Outer Space
  359. Bad news
  360. 9 April is CSS Naked Day
  361. Make your website quicker and improve UX by not placing an image at the top of the home page
  362. Optimising Largest Contentful Paint
  363. Phil Gyford does webmentions
  364. The Cult of the Imperfect
  365. Peak Content is an entropic force
  366. That big sliding banner? Yeah, it’s rubbish
  367. YouTube will ruin your PageSpeed score
  368. Write HTML, the HTML Way (Not the XHTML Way)
  369. Oh yeah? Oh brother!
  370. Logic on static sites (and the advantages of failing catastrophically but knowably)
  371. Steve Albini – Didn’t We Deserve a Look at You the Way You Really Are
  372. Antialising type guilt
  373. Shoulder Pads is All Gates Open sped up
  374. Unfortunate, But Not Surprising: Court Blocks Maryland’s Library eBook Law
  375. The Meaning of Marcelo Bielsa
  376. A barebones Underscores WordPress child theme
  377. Wordle 246 3/6
  378. Wordle 243 3/6
  379. Canned web development
  380. Wordle 239 3/6
  381. Propagation
  382. Wordle 238 4/6
  383. Wordle 237 4/6
  384. Rockwell Kent Moby Dick illustrations
  385. Digital detox tourism: Practices of analogization
  386. Wordle 234 5/6
  387. Mark Zuckerberg and team consider shutting down Facebook and Instagram in Europe if Meta can not process Europeans’ data on US servers
  388. Wordle 233 5/6
  389. Why I used to build websites
  390. Strategic impotence
  391. Wordle 232 3/6
  392. Pocket now requires a Firefox account
  393. Designing books for readers with early‑stage Alzheimer’s disease
  394. Levelling Up the United Kingdom: executive summary
  395. Wordle 231 4/6
  396. Wordle 230 2/6
  397. Wordle 229 4/6
  398. Wordle 228 3/6
  399. Wordle 227 4/6
  400. Wordle 226 4/6
  401. TweetDelete deletes all your old tweets
  402. Wordle 225 4/6
  403. A book on the web: Sherlock Holmes and the never completed text
  404. Wordle 224 4/6
  405. Newsletter No. 25: ‘Painting the Forth Bridge’
  406. Can Matt Mullenweg save the internet?
  407. Do it again
  408. Wordle 223 5/6
  409. Wordle 222 4/6
  410. Wordle 221 6/6
  411. Wordle 220 4/6
  412. Wordle 218 4/6
  413. Wordle 217 5/6
  414. Wordle 216 4/6
  415. The shareable, indie charm of Wordle
  416. Wordle 215 6/6
  417. Wordle 211 3/6
  418. Wordle sharing
  419. Revisiting why hyperlinks are blue
  420. 50
  421. The only thing stopping me from using WordPress is the lack of a truly barebones, unopinionated parent theme
  422. Hover states should be more distinct than non-hover states
  423. Yesterday, I finished reading Selected Ambient Works Volume II by Marc Weidenbaum…
  424. Imagining WordPress without themes
  425. Add a Service Worker to Your Site
  426. This distraction-free editor is the best writing tool you aren’t using
  427. Choosing [the] least CO2-emitting form of digital communication
  428. Four things I learned by validating my HTML
  429. Post ideas for the weekend
  430. Experimenting with short lines of text: the ideal width for whom?
  431. Your CSS is an interface
  432. Notes on line length revisited: Does recent research debunk the idea of an ideal line length?
  433. Design Regression (a website about design for reading and reading-related research)
  434. Staves
  435. Static sites for small organisations
  436. Wrong Guardian headlines
  437. Adrian Chiles Does Not Miss
  438. Matthew Le Tissier and the Cosmic Right
  439. Neu Jekyll theme in the works
  440. Strip out everything
  441. Less of “Less”
  442. Mademoiselle Non
  443. Chatbots and the cult of technology
  444. Julian Cope on Faust and Jim Kerr, and the term “Krautrock”
  445. Morning Land by Faust (from Faust 1971-1974 Box Set)
  446. So Long, Firefox
  447. The Bright Magic Podcast (Public Service Broadcasting on Berlin)
  448. Safari’s godawful tabs got me thinking about using it more
  449. Britain’s Mental Health Crisis Isn’t an Accident – It’s a Political Choice
  450. A thrilling encounter on the most inauspicious of days
  451. Notes on marking up two navigation lists on the same HTML page
  452. Changing the feed
  453. Protocols, Not Platforms: A Technological Approach to Free Speech
  454. The internet was built for connection – how did it go so wrong?
  455. Ready, steady …oh. Can a life coach shake me out of my pandemic-induced ennui?
  456. When others stay silent about the ills of British capitalism, liars like Johnson rush in
  457. Notes on types of website and user navigation needs
  458. Seven principles of effective digital navigation
  459. You are your phone’s AdID
  460. QAplomb
  461. The platform is down, but my website is up
  462. Notes on files and folders, and how platforms killed them
  463. Turning a Little Blue
  464. Measure, size, reclining
  465. Automating webp production in Jekyll
  466. Automating webp in Jekyll
  467. Should I use… webp?
  468. Graffiti at nameless folly, off Rushmere Road, Ipswich
  469. Reply to “Minimal design is one thing but brutalist, raw sites are often visually jarring…”
  470. Spectrums
  471. Reply to bookmark of 512kb club
  472. Intention not tech
  473. A ridiculous greyhound contorting itself into a corner underneath a bookshelf
  474. In reply to “Reply to ‘Indieweb as state of mind’”
  475. My God, hasn’t Starmer said “tax wealth, not workers yet”
  476. Indieweb as state of mind
  477. Are we there yet?
  478. Fish in the afternoon
  479. How to write old-fashioned CSS
  480. Making algorithmic dog food for the content factory
  481. Twitter forcing 2FA
  482. Applying the principle of proximity to improve your web article typography
  483. Some notes on leading (or line height) on websites
  484. Oliver Dowden: creating our own data laws is one of the biggest prizes of Brexit
  485. Avenir b i
  486. Setting responsive font sizes in CSS
  487. In a climate crisis, text should be default option for communication
  488. Measure article update
  489. Sophie Taeuber-Arp
  490. No share list
  491. Ragged right English alignment
  492. Notes on the design of Nabokov’s Butterflies and blogs
  493. Design next steps
  494. CSS Hyphenation
  495. Dev builds perfect note-taking system which only stores info about building note-taking systems
  496. Logos and function and delight
  497. Integrating the Nord colour scheme into a Jekyll site using custom properties
  498. Distance from the screen and reading
  499. Google Search’s fixed header
  500. Eiffel Tower
  501. Redesign: Everything Broke
  502. Font choice don’ts
  503. Charter
  504. Butter dish
  505. The smartest 1-2%
  506. Typeface notes
  507. Toto Nsiala praying
  508. Twitter logins make you use a third party account
  509. 123. Constructing the Golem
  510. About this Mac
  511. Some notes on measure (or line width) on websites
  512. ITFC season ticket
  513. Facebook Container identifies all email fields as a potential risk
  514. A People’s Architecture
  515. No Social Media Club
  516. The phantom life of the section element and the mess of headings
  517. Together in Electric Dreams
  518. Give Us a Three-Day Weekend at the Beach, Every Week (an interview with Héctor Tejero)
  519. Prep for the return of classified advertising
  520. Good comments
  521. Lo Boob Oscillator
  522. NetNewsWire Feedbin probs
  523. Information density
  524. The Open-Source Software bubble that is and the blogging bubble that was
  525. The Strangers’ Case
  526. Everything Was Dreadful And Then It Was Saved: Richard King Interviews Owen Hatherley
  527. Oranje
  528. Open a book
  529. My cross to bear: what it means to support England in these divided times
  530. Flogging brutalist website themes
  531. My blogging setup
  532. The perfect blogging platform: crossposting, conversing on social media and monetisation(!)
  533. CSS System Colors
  534. Murfield Meadow, Hadleigh
  535. Man in Black at 50: Johnny Cash’s empathy is needed more than ever
  536. The Labour Party website
  537. Gadgets have stopped working together, and it’s becoming an issue
  538. Forget deletes your old Tweets
  539. Not the year of the Linux desktop
  540. Font weight normal
  541. St Mary-le-Tower
  542. Webmention likes and replies
  543. If Apple is the only organisation capable of defending our privacy, it really is time to worry
  544. The perfect blogging platform: customising typography rather than theming
  545. On The Ball & Off To The Ballet: Pat Nevin’s The Accidental Footballer
  546. Shoot well and tell the truth
  547. Mother of Perl
  548. The perfect blogging platform – some principles
  549. Is the stereotypical image of ‘Red Wall’ residents actually accurate?
  550. WordPress is stable
  551. Satanic bikers, time portals and the Fall: the story of Mark E Smith’s secret screenplay
  552. Favourite Carpenters song?
  553. The Mistake of A New Laptop
  554. Why doesn’t Labour like people who live in cities?
  555. Scottish independence
  556. Send free webmentions automatically with Netlify
  557. API has a per page parameter
  558. Book review: ‘Suppose a Sentence’ by Brian Dillon
  559. Kobo Libra H2O: Liberated from Amazon?
  560. The state of the Labour Party in 2021
  561. Philosophical Investigations §19
  562. Melie in Felixstowe
  563. An open letter to Jason and David
  564. England’s Fan-Owned Clubs Show that Another Football Is Possible
  565. Notes on the “indieweb” #4: four months in – community, difficult discussions and the end of the web
  567. Wordpress JavaScript madness
  568. Vaccinated!
  569. In response to “Reply: Discussion doesn’t take place in the comments”
  570. Get the FLoC out
  571. Edit your RSS feed to control your site’s output to
  572. Playing Wimbledon
  573. SvN is no more
  574. Woodward quits!
  575. Berlin Typography
  576. Increasing webmentions
  577. Getting your RSS feed right for social media syndication
  578. Discussion doesn’t take place in the comments
  579. Pensions
  580. Second Beat Songs Hey Ya!
  581. Four reasons to delete at least 95% of your website
  582. Benny Hill and Anthony Burgess
  583. When the queen dies
  584. The universe
  585. Lockdown hair
  586. Melie by the laptop
  587. Navigation submenus – what’s the best approach? Dropdown, hovers, clicks or keeping it flat?
  588. Initial thoughts on deleting content
  589. and Hugo
  590. Note to self: remember to set meta descriptions
  591. After the Apocalypse
  592. Being an Opportunist Has Worked Well for Johnson. Why Not for Starmer?
  593. Notes on the “indieweb” #3: Who’s it for?
  594. I Was Never in The Fall
  595. doesn’t auto-generate links to handles?
  596. On the primacy of blogging in the indiewebsphere
  597. Modern G4 Cube is Working 🧊
  598. Grauzone!
  599. Adding webmentions to Jekyll (an overview)
  600. Dog, sleeping, in garden
  601. Nerdy in the extreme
  602. Rushmere Common
  603. Bob Pape was a beloved father and foster carer. Did ‘eat out to help out’ cost him his life?
  604. Back to the gym
  605. Fear in your ear: the unstoppable rise of the horror podcast
  606. Automated builds and charges
  607. Home made webmentions in Jekyll
  608. Firefox in-page anchor linking oddity
  609. Dusting down webmention code
  610. Novas Gran Reserva
  611. NetNewsWire 6 converts your Twitter feed to RSS
  612. Forestry is looking good for client sites
  613. What’s indieweb?
  614. CMS and page components
  615. “We call it RSS” — an ambitious founder raises $400M at $8b valuation
  616. Emoji under the hood
  618. Wrong full stop
  619. Local font signals
  620. Four reasons it’s worth paying $5 a month for Feedbin, an RSS reader
  621. When a post becomes something else
  622. Your RSS feed list probably says a lot about you
  623. Menu minimalismalism
  624. Improve the readability of the content on your website
  625. Computer Love
  626. Editing RSS feeds
  627. Notes on the “indieweb” #2: Where do I find things to read?
  628. Silence about my race kept my family apart. Could a rescue dog bring us together?
  629. launches and it can edit posts, which sounds clunky
  630. Notes, posts, links are the same thing
  631. Ditch the elevator pitch
  632. Email churns out bad HTML
  633. A reminder: Publishing to a website is easy
  634. Remarkable 2 tablet
  635. A note/post on notes and posts
  636. Newsletters
  637. Why brand web pages?
  638. Website aphorism #5: Your website is for your customers, not you
  639. For manifestos
  640. Stormborn and the tyranny of choosing a Netflix series
  641. Nextdoor Is Quietly Replacing the Small-Town Paper
  642. The Guardian view on Europe by train: virtue signalling
  643. Labour Needs A Big Idea
  644. Ronnnie and Maggie, Ted and Bet
  645. The Investigation – the best Scandinoir drama for ages
  646. A QAnon ‘Digital Soldier’ Marches On, Undeterred by Theory’s Unraveling
  647. The problem is poverty, however we label it
  648. You should try the blogging platform called WordPress
  649. Character, context and work
  650. The Stasi Game, by David Young – book review
  651. k-punk and Peep Show
  652. English Scheme: Annotated Fall analysis
  653. The Radicalization Of Giggle Palooza
  654. On esoteric communism
  655. Website aphorism #4: PDFs
  656. Next Gen Static Blogging
  657. In Critical Defense of Frontend Development
  658. Notes on the “indieweb” #1: Where do I publish and discuss?
  659. Current lockdown desk configuration
  660. On Brexit, grief and moving on
  661. Website aphorism #3: Text is more efficient than pictures
  662. Should I build the feature request from customers?
  663. All I want for 2021 is to see Mark Zuckerberg up in court
  664. Website aphorism #1: Decoration serves use
  665. Website aphorism #2: People are not visual learners
  666. Why the Germans Do It Better by John Kampfner review – notes from a grown-up country
  667. Dunwich (20 years)
  668. Paying for Firefox
  669. The Unbearable: Toward an Antifascist Aesthetic
  670. Drone Music History To Be Focus Of New Book
  671. What’s RSS?
  672. Getting browsers to underline links consistently
  673. Poverty causes obesity. Low-income families need to be better off to eat well.
  674. The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free
  675. The Lost History of Socialism’s DIY Computer
  676. Moon in a Dead Eye by Pascal Garnier
  677. JAMstack is fast only if you make it so
  678. Post stuff and make an RSS feed, please
  679. Kraftwerk: Future Music from Germany
  680. Endless Utopia
  681. Static works
  682. The Yale School of Art School website
  683. Brave old new world
  684. Getting charged by Netlify for the first time
  685. Front end development is marketing
  686. Building a web that lasts
  687. Tory Landslide, Progressives Split
  688. Reflections from the doorstep
  689. This Labour meltdown has been building for decades
  690. Twitter to decentralize… something
  691. Static or database? Our love of complexity
  692. Losing the election, strategy and hope
  693. Thoughts on the State of the Web
  694. WordPress funding and market dominance
  695. How to put an HTML page on the internet
  696. Losing that feeling of lightness
  697. We’re doing it wrong: there is no ‘one perfect design’ or layout
  698. NetNewsWire: Free, open source (and very good) RSS reader for Mac
  699. Styling Twitter, and HTML with soul
  700. Boris Johnson, tough on the economic causes of Brexit? Not likely
  701. Writing HTML in HTML
  702. Against Polling
  703. HTML is the web
  704. Ipswich (Australia) Libraries home page
  705. Uber’s Path of Destruction
  706. ‘Nostalgia Serves No Purpose’: An Interview with Michel Barnier
  707. A report from the AMP Advisory Committee Meeting
  708. Structured data and Google
  709. Stereolab Transient Random-Noise Bursts / Mars Audiac Quintet
  710. Alt-texts: The Ultimate Guide
  711. Notes on AI Bias
  712. «Make sure you have a good idea that can survive, even badly designed» – Interview with Erik Spiekermann, Part I
  713. Boring design
  714. Taking a break from blogging as I know it
  715. Rebuild Britain
  716. Govt as a platform
  717. Online brands
  718. In defence of view page source
  719. Hiding accessible features
  720. Hiding accessibility on web pages
  721. Careful what you wish for
  722. Using Staticman for comments on a Jekyll site
  723. Clarity
  724. Local fonts
  725. Ethical computers
  726. New puritan
  727. If users aren’t bothered about griddy layouts, why are we?
  728. Installing Jekyll in Ubuntu
  729. Amp strategy
  730. Testing env
  731. Thatcherism money
  732. 90s
  733. For RP: Ditch your accent and your regional pride
  734. The nation waits
  735. Wordpress joy and sorrow
  736. Get rich quick in silicon valley
  737. The town with no centre
  738. Sickness in/as The Fall and Mark E Smith
  739. Inclusive web design is web design for everyone, including you
  740. Basic income, realism and wasteful pessimism
  741. Esoteric Ipswich
  742. Why modular CSS is better than using ‘semantic’ class names: An example
  743. The end of The Deck
  744. Using a sound CSS methodology (you might call it a framework) is a good thing
  745. Idoli
  746. Labour and overcoming my pessimism (or how the left started to win Britain)
  747. Improving where filters in Jekyll
  748. General Election! 2017!
  749. The Uniqlo website’s fixed header makes it unusable
  750. Jaki Liebezeit
  751. Getting to grips with Contentful and Jekyll
  752. Your most comfortable reading colours depend on who you are (or: how accessibility is a tricky business)
  753. Design habits: Being a CSS API user rather than an API author
  754. Dynamic looping in Liquid to build an advent calendar
  755. How to display a blog listing page
  756. Work if you want to
  757. It's easy to make fast static pages without Google AMP
  758. 100 mph
  759. Note to self – keep all your data OS agnostic and in the cloud, and don't live your life on your phone
  760. Using presentational classes makes web design easier
  761. Meaning, separation and using lots of classes freely
  762. Why we'll be using a CSS framework like Tachyons to rebuild our website
  763. Using Tachyons and keeping your markup dry
  764. Typographic observations Good Friday 2016 (95% of what we serve is pointless)
  765. Running a library website on Jekyll (maybe)
  766. Living in Nigel Farage's dream
  767. Do one thing well etc. etc.
  768. Sketching pages with colleagues
  769. Fight and Challenge Everything (yourselves)
  770. Bad WordPress user names
  771. Notes on (hyper)local journalism
  772. The Wileyfox Swift phone
  773. Belief and apostasy
  774. Post no. 222
  775. Delicious and how every excellent web service ends up eating itself
  776. WordPress, me and Oxmetifan 20
  777. Forbes means business, do you?
  778. Creating WordPress sub navigation menus that only appear where you need them
  779. Photography and other
  780. Overcoming Labour
  781. The dangers of automation (or making a visit to the library worth it)
  782. The dangers of not opposing
  783. The vacant centre (part III)
  784. Designing for what they need is difficult but liberating
  785. Container housing – Right solution, wrong problem
  786. Old Zizek
  787. Haven't found it yet
  788. Unstyle and looking at naked HTML
  789. New Old Labour Old New Danger
  790. Murder in the cathedral – on Labour's tragedy (more Hamlet, really)
  791. Show me the Next – genius concept, needs better content
  792. Why my website looks so plain
  793. Ambiguity
  794. Dieter Moebius, 1944–2015
  795. Occupy the centre, comrades
  796. What we can learn from the Tories in opposition (and how there's an opportunity for the new Labour leader to remold the party)
  797. How the Observer used dubious research and shoddy reporting to promote a Blairite Labour leader
  798. How I became rich and used the benefits system to claim subsidies only for George Osborne to crackdown on me
  799. The vacant centre (part II)
  800. Labour's problems are only partly about how it talks
  801. The last liberal and how the centre broke
  802. Labour's marketing politics
  803. Labour's constituency
  804. A party which makes errors like this is already finished
  805. Generating page specific classes in WordPress templates to keep code DRY and extensible
  806. Labour
  807. Amazonification
  808. The strange popularity of Gideon Oliver Osborne
  809. A film about Austerlitz
  810. The news isn’t free but we act as if it is
  811. In defence of blogging
  812. The Swedish universal versus austerity
  813. Voting tactically
  814. They went and broke citizens income, so what's next?
  815. Blocking websites in libraries—our policy
  816. Medium and the wrong paragraph
  817. Cast the 2015 election runes
  818. Newcastle, Sports Direct and Wonga – a working class club
  819. Mr Turner
  820. Separating services is preferable to surface integration (or 3 principles for a web strategy)
  821. 30 days a blogger
  822. In praise of Georgia (again)
  823. I'd like a friendly Jekyll/Github hybrid to manage websites
  824. Friday reading – Google, Stanford, DC, liberals and gentrification
  825. We hate Labour and we need Labour
  826. Whatever you do, don't mention politics if you're marketing yourself
  827. The minimum wage legalises low pay
  828. The art of linking
  829. Scotland
  830. Writing to order
  831. Employee engagement
  832. Bring on the fan fiction (even if I won't read it)
  833. The New Library, Almere – What a universal library service looks like
  834. Why restaurants publish images of their menus online (and why they shouldn't)
  835. Smart dumbphones and classic iPods
  836. Lowestoft
  837. In praise of universality
  838. Write edit build publish edit build republish
  839. In my experience
  840. Matthew Parris only said what most British people think about places like Clacton
  841. I get better as I get older
  842. The Amazon service conundrum
  843. Paying for stuff and the logic of austerity
  844. Using Github as a CMS
  845. My rig – Getting started with Github Pages and Jekyll
  846. Outliving Facebook
  847. Households, deficits and belief
  848. Design Observer design not for us
  849. The morality of work
  850. 18th century books looked like smartphones
  851. How not to pay tax for 20 years
  852. Let them fight the UKIP—that’s where the lunatics are
  853. Mozilla, money, adverts and corporate speak
  854. Why do we work unpaid hours?
  855. Ipswich Town FC in the community — what does it owe?
  856. Morrissey, you and me
  857. 3 right wing reasons for a Basic Citizens' Income
  858. iPads in classrooms
  859. Low expectations
  860. Basic citizen income—two examples of how it would work
  861. Basic citizen income—genius idea the UK will never adopt
  862. Notes on Pnin
  863. Evening Edition looks good but has an audience problem
  864. A few notes on moving from WordPress to Jekyll
  865. Setting up WordPress style year and month URLs in Jekyll
  866. How to write a factually dubious but potent blog post
  867. HHhH and the value of print
  868. Big fonts make for better reading experiences
  869. Tschichold, democratic design and the politics of typefaces
  870. Comfortable reading
  871. An advertising frame of mind
  872. Language affects line width
  873. Google’s infantile big brain
  874. A world without work
  875. Krautrock
  876. Borgen (or how the British don't do serious politics)
  877. The rhetoric of hard work
  878. Time
  879. One layout is all you need
  880. Debt
  881. Ghost towns
  882. My favourite book
  883. Sunday
  884. Teachers don't read
  885. No recess—learning HTML
  886. How to build websites
  887. Typography apprenticeship
  888. The great Readability conundrum (Or – If you provide a service, charge for it)
  889. Evening Edition and making readable news
  890. Paradise Lost
  891. Polikushka – Or, the lot of a wicked court servant
  892. The Rings of Saturn
  893. Patience (After Sebald)
  894. Lesson of The Kreuzer Sonata
  895. Why nobody mourns the Queen's English Society
  896. How the iPad makes coffee table books
  897. The readability index
  898. Politics
  899. The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
  900. A Hero of our Time
  901. Ulysses
  902. ITV News website redesign
  903. The Kreuzer Sonata
  904. Have Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri rewritten The Communist Manifesto for the twenty-first century?
  905. The Sentry
  906. Bleak House
  907. Good book design is silent
  908. Keeping the web open
  909. The Mystery of Edwin Drood
  910. It's 2012 and we still have pop–ups
  911. The Great God Pan
  912. The Communist Manifesto
  913. Karl Marx
  914. The Emigrants
  915. Edgar Allan Poe Collected Writings
  916. This is not a novel
  917. Hard working
  918. Free of place and duty
  919. Okies, chavs and responsibility deficits
  920. A mobile first approach to design – Use text instead of images
  921. Web writers should know HTML so teach it in school
  922. Obama shows Ed Miliband how to do blogging
  923. 16 pixels
  924. Reading newspaper articles involves looking at words
  925. A little knowledge
  926. It's all marketing
  927. Why justify?
  928. World domination and the end of the printed word
  929. Adding em or en dashes to Google docs
  930. Age
  931. Underclass
  932. Scherzo, mobile first (and what that means for you)
  933. An HTML5 challenge (which lead me to think – Why bother with HTML5 sectioning elements?)
  934. Why business writing is rubbish
  935. Putting content and meaning first
  936. Lord Ashcroft, floating voters and 2015
  937. Nabokov on other writers
  938. An ode to Firefox
  939. The ideas of March
  940. Money
  941. The 18th Conclusion
  942. Dostoevsky, calligraphy and idiocy
  943. Understanding the Ur-Bororo
  944. Stillness in The White Ribbon
  945. 95 percent
  946. Paternoster Row
  947. Paternoster Square
  948. Sorry
  949. Tea
  950. J. S. Bach Solo Sonata no. 3 in C Major, BWV 1005
  951. Scherzo theme added to the WordPress directory
  952. The Killing (Forbrydelsen)
  953. Short attention spans, mobile phones and the future of reading
  954. Why I like Freedom
  955. Piano Quintet in F minor (Franck)
  956. Weighty tomes
  957. (Un)Creatives
  958. How to write a blog post
  959. Defeat, reading and politics
  960. Good web copy is boring
  961. Why I don't like Tumblr and Posterous
  962. An aside really isn’t a sidebar
  963. Vertical navigation and not making users think
  964. Good copy redeems bad layout and typography
  965. Introducing the Scherzo theme for WordPress
  966. The books
  967. Online newspaper layout – 10 years and 10 steps back
  968. Text is text is text is text
  969. Two blog formats – magazines and journals
  970. How print and web are different
  971. Simple, complex, ordered, butchered
  972. Readability and font sizes
  973. Produce!
  974. Writing great articles – anatomy of a BBC news story
  975. Unintelligible business language
  976. Wainright typography
  977. Times for print, Georgia for screen