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Quick, shorter form bits of writing, sometimes aphoristic, sometimes approaching the status of a fully blown post. Notes can be posts in an embryonic form.

Open a book

To get up in the morning, in the fullness of youth, and open a book — now that’s what I call vicious!

(Replace “open a book” with ”post to your blog” or some such; you get the idea.)

My blogging setup

Two Mac apps in full screen mode next to each other.

My blogging “set up”. MacOS in full screen mode, Typora on the left and Firefox on the right. You can edit Typora themes with CSS, and I’ve set the heading styles so they mimic the website. Jekyll serves the site with an incremental switch, which means saves to the markdown file are reflected fairly quickly (about 2-3s at the moment).

Forget deletes your old Tweets

Forget looks a great service (via @hjertnes) – automatically delete older tweets according to whatever rules you set. If you’re syndicating from your website, you’ll never lose any of your beautiful or precious thoughts/images/whatever.

Not the year of the Linux desktop

I spent a day this week using Linux (Zorin, specifically) as my work OS. It was horrible. Buggy, endless workarounds, things not working, things not available. Would be OK as my personal PC OS at a push, but for work – nope.

St Mary-le-Tower

Not really looking forward to everything going “back to normal”, but I have missed lunchtimes in the St-Mary-le-Tower churchyard when it’s warmish and sunny.

St Mary-le-Tower church steeple. Tall, old, grand and quite scarred by the weather.

St Mary-le-Tower churchyard in the sun – graves and big plants.

Webmention likes and replies

I think adding a webmention like or reply to is as simple as adding the appropriate class to an a within your article, div or whatever parent element has an h-entry class? Testing by replying to a post on adding webmentions to Jekyll.