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95 percent

On the theme of circularity and time (and William Blake fans) — there’s lots of temporal playfulness in Your Future, Our Clutter, the 2010 Fall album.

Mark E Smith

As well as the slipping (floor) between songs and titles, there are some slight references to previous output; the sort of mid-line stuff you only pick up from 20 years of Fall listening:

  • Write it off! Write it off! from Bury Pts. 1 + 3 and Words of Expectation
  • 95% from Slippy Floor and Hit the North

Of course, there’s a very faint Fall/Ackroyd coincidental pay-off in Hit the North’s Blake London reference (Manacled to the city!), and both share an interest in the occult and timelessness. Coaches and Horses is very Ackroyd.

I’d love to find a Paternoster reference in a Fall song (Papal Visit, perhaps?), but nothing to report, I’m afraid.