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It's all marketing

I’m not a McDonald’s snob. We eat there occasionally and it’s fine: the staff are friendly, the food’s OK and it’s fast, cheap and clean. The kids like the toys.

I admire their advertising too.

So far so sort–of Southwold. There’s a vaguely groovy, 60s soundtrack, washed out colours and Boden–clad kids doing art stuff. Dads wear check shirts and sneakers. Countryside and the beach.

The message? Not sure, but probably that McDonald’s is actually quite cool, non–corporate even. Nothing to do with mass production or being shovelled through a restaurant in a car park on the edge of town.

Kind of unlike the actual process of eating there.

The advert reminds me of Innocent Smoothies, another cool, non–corporate brand.

So what’s your reaction? A weary sigh at McDonald’s chutzpah? After all, you’ll never eat there.

Just remember: in the end, it’s all advertising. Innocent Smoothies is now owned by Coca–Cola. It was formed in 1999 by three Cambridge graduates who were working in advertising. (Natch).