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Lesson of The Kreuzer Sonata

A colour photo of Tolstoy

Some inbetween reading while I consider my next move.

Tolstoy was a serious man.

He’s one of those true Christians. As anyone who went to a church school knows, true Christians believe in giving away all their possessions and dedicating themselves to the most needy – the dregs of society. If you read and followed the teachings of the New Testament (the Old Testament is a book from a different religion) you’d sell your house and clean the feet of prostitutes.

Unsurprisingly, like you, I’ve never met a true Christian, accept in books and poetry. Blake and a few other evangelists. Catholics don’t count, I’m afraid.

Tolstoy believed in abstinence, celibacy, vegetarianism, work and communism. Two of the five can be traced back to his pure Christianity. He hated peasants but thought you should live like one. The communism is the most interesting element of his beliefs.