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Let them fight the UKIP—that’s where the lunatics are

Overall, Ukip has not so much won new friends as polarised public opinion. Ukip did better this time at turning diminishing approval into votes, but it also alienated far more of the electorate. Millions more voters now regard Ukip negatively than in 2009, and fewer decline to take sides. Five myths about Ukip… that should make the Conservatives happy

Driving into Mildenhall a couple of weeks ago, I was greeted by the thoroughly depressing sight of a huge Vote UKIP billboard. As if to say you’re entering UKIP country now, boy.

The UKIP, as I will now always call them, won Suffolk in the Euro elections, but they didn’t win one seat in the Ipswich council elections.

The UKIP polarises, and it’s worth remembering most the country doesn’t think like lumbering racists in blazers. The general election won’t be won in Mildenhall, but in towns like Ipswich.

Let’s say the Tories attempt to fight the election on the UKIP’s territory. That’s good for Labour – they’ll become the de facto party of the centre.