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Overcoming Labour

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Labour needs to overcome itself. At least the Labour that’s failed to win an election for a decade, and the Labour that failed to win an election between 1975 and 1997.

And that means overcoming both new and old Labour. We sort of did for Brown/Blairism when we elected Jeremy Corbyn; unfortunately, we didn’t know what a new new Labour would look like and, fed up with triangulation and spineless focus group politics, went back to 1985. Literally – even Ken Livingstone and John McDonnell are among us (I actually like McDonnell, incidentally; far more than Corbyn and some Danczukian careerist, but that’s beside the point).

As Nietzsche taught us, overcoming is hard, especially overcoming oneself. It’ll take a blooodbath, a revaluation; but out of that – hopefully – will come strong.

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