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Post no. 222

Today I finished moving posts from various places to this website. Give or take a handful of things I posted in 1785, nearly all of my creative output (I am joking) now resides on It’s taken a while to get here.

I’m generally not one for nostalgia – I’ve merrily unpublished hundreds of posts in the past. But I thought I’d take a quick look back through the history of this website because… because I never have before. And for whatever reason I’ve begun to value bits and pieces I wrote in 2008. It’s suddenly become history to me.

Here are a few themes:

Angry web man (2008-2011)

Lots of posts on how you shouldn’t do things when you build websites. You might have raised an eyebrow at some of my targets, but I was fundamentally right. Published the first ever mobile first theme to the WordPress directory.

1000 years of Tory rule (2011-present)

Joined the Labour Party after the 2010 election. Made the odd political post between 2011-2013 then got into basic income. Lots on poverty and the dismal nature of the Labour party. Largely despairing.

Commuting, Nabokov and Sebald (2011-present)

Buy a Kindle in 2011 and download lots of free classics. Read on commute from Ipswich to Colchester. Kept a log of what I’ve read. Write about music, beer and other arts.

Dr Jekyll, sassy and getting better (2013-present)

Ditch WordPress for Jekyll and Github pages. Return to WordPress briefly in 2015. My god. Get better at coding.

Writing and styling words (2008-2014)

I am actually a qualified teacher of English; in fact I was teaching when this site opened its doors. I reckon I’ve written around 120,000 words since then (a novel, no less).

Libraries and managing websites (2013-present)

Start working for Suffolk Libraries in 2013. Takes about 20m to see the problems with libraries on the web – still making the same point 3 years later. Hmm. Think more about what managing a website involves.

All posts will live on this site. I’ve added a simple taxonomy so you can concentrate on any stuff you’re interested in (whether that’s politics, the web, libraries or thinking), or ignore the stuff you’re not.

Which means it’s goodbye to, and and a sort of return to how it was when this all began. Right.