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Do one thing well etc. etc.

Specialize. Put in the effort to be the best—or one of—at something. “Full service“ is not a positive. —  Oil change and pizza, Dan Mall

Quite liked this riff on the old do one thing well and it chimed with something I’ve been trying to get my head around for a while.

Or two things, rather. First: If I was trying to make some sort of money from freelance web work, how would I position what I do? What am I actually good at, what do people like in that and is there actually any relationship between the two? Could the one of something be something as blindingly simple (and boring) as setting up WordPress sites that people with no interest or aptitude in computers can use? In making myself understandable?

Secondly, if I read my about page, I think that’s a lot of things, Leon. Now, in one sense, I am good at a lot of stuff: most of the population can’t build a WordPress theme, use Github or know how to structure an HTML document. I can also string a couple of sentences together. However, there are far better developers and copywriters out there; what’s the one of something in all of that stuff?

Does it lie somewhere else? In being able to apply all those things I know in a not for profit organisation? Or in being able to identify what should be done and how rather than in actually doing it all?

And we can’t all be the best at one thing, however niche it is.