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Typographic observations Good Friday 2016 (95% of what we serve is pointless)

Your vision isn’t 20/20 anymore, just like 65% of the population, it’s worse than that. Like 4.25% of people on the planet you are color blind. You are now 1 in 10. You are dyslexic. Your phone is 3 years old. You can’t afford a new one. Your data plan caps out at 3g and 1 gigabyte a month. The internet connection where you spend most of your time is not what you’d like it to be.  —  Adam Morse, The Veil of Ignorance

It’s always good – and perhaps increasingly rare – to discover writers on the web who make you think yes, that is so right; everyone else is missing the point. So, introducing: Adam Morse.

I think we appreciate a lot of what we serve is decorative, motivated by a fear of appearing different and/or unable to implement x and y, which makes content less accessible. Expressing that thought directly and actually doing something about it is a different matter. This is what made iA so vital a decade ago.

In that spirit, I’ve ditched web fonts and upped my line height to 1.6 (I prefer a tighter leading normally – we’ll see how it goes).

iOS system font bold missing

For some reason, iOS won’t render headings in bold on my site. I’m using the system font (San Francisco) set to font-weight: 700. It’s fine in OS X.

Screenshot of my website

My website in Safari in iOS. The headings look around 500-600 weight.

I’ve tried setting explicit numerical font weights and combinations of -apple-system-body and -apple-system, but nothing works. If you’ve got any ideas, tweet me.