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Brave old new world

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As just posted, Netlify has started to charge me. I’ve had five or so really good years with Netlify, but this concerns me a little. As I get older I get crankier and I want something that a) I can feel confident about what it will cost (and whether it’ll be around for the long term) and b) doesn’t use Github and Cloudfront (yes, that cranky).

So, I’m thinking: traditional LAMP hosting. The greener, the better. Monthly charge around five dollars, or so. I hear goodish things about Greenhost. I’ll continue to use Jekyll for the time being, but…

The whole Ruby dependency thing is annoying me. When I get the time I’ll move to Kirby, which just relies on PHP. I’ll get a CMS too.

But, urgh: FTP again for the short term, at least. We really have been spoiled by the automated Git/Netlify workflow.

Finally, I want email on my own domain. I’ve just set up a work site with Fastmail, and it was simple. No ads, proper privacy etc. etc. etc. Cost: five dollars a month. So, that’s a clunkier set up that costs more 💪🏼.

Leon Paternoster

Leon Paternoster


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