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Getting charged by Netlify for the first time

So, I got my first Netlify build minutes bill for $7, probably because I’ve been caning this site over the weekend with loads of little tweaks. I like to push little and often, but it doesn’t matter if I add 1000 pages or fix a single typo: A build’s a build is a build, and takes around a minute.

I may as well make use of the 500 additional build mins, on top of the 300 I get for free. That should cover me easily, but I’ve had to stop my automated Skinny Guardian builds, which makes me sad, and Skinny Guardian next to useless.

Doesn’t feel right, to me. What if a build takes ages? I think I’d rather pay a flat, monthly rate for a generous allowance where I don’t have to think about it. All pushing me to some trad, LAMP stack hosting.