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Bridgy crossposting

Looks like Bridgy can now handle auto-posting from your site to Mastodon (currently using IFTTT, which is convoluted and pretty slow). There’s also a make your website your Fediverse account, but I don’t even understand that at the mo, power user stuff.

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@leonp check out my site, for an example of BridgyFed Site-As-Mastodon instance integration.

I can walk you through it; took only 15 minutes and is one extra step needed if you’ve already done the “regular” Bridgy set up for syndication.


@starrwulfe Thanks :-) It’s more the why rather than the implementation (which I think is fairly easy?) What happens when your site is your fediverse account? I’m quite happy with it being part of the internet :-)


@leonp in my case I effectively get two ActivityPub accounts when counting as well…and you can still have the “traditional” post to third party Mastodon site, meaning 3 ways to blog into the Fediverse.

My main reasoning for site as account is – being able to centralize all conversation around content from the site. – no limits to how long my post will be; if I post as a note, I can go as long as I like. – no worries about site load, caching, etc since it’s effectively a one user instance and “heavy” media is on CDN. – it’s cool to have my site be the “@“ name when giving out my Mastodon address. 😝

The drawbacks: – no DMs. Maybe @snarfed is working on a way to handle that, but my method is to use my handle for that since @manton came up with a good solution for it (you did know handles are also AP enabled, right?) – federation is “wobbly”; some instances won’t see your posts until one of their users threads caches it in; I wind up boosting my own posts from other instances to get around it. It’s not a problem as much as it used to be since there’s a lot of us using BridgyFed now.

🔗 t/4EP


@starrwulfe I’m having a similar conversation elsewhere… I think I want to keep my site separated from social media (or the fediverse) completely, although I appreciate that may look a bit strange as I automatically send posts out to it and pick up webmentions. I would rather respond in Mastodon, etc., away from my site. Similarly, I want to be separate from and, although I get why people would like that.

I’m not sure why I feel like that, to be honest!


@leonp that’s what I like about indieweb— one size doesn’t fit all, and you can do it however you like!

I say set it up the way you like and you can change and adjust it on the fly