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Current indieweb status

Current indieweb status: autoposting from my site to Mastodon works around 50% of the time and outbound webmentions don’t work at all. Marvellous.

And my preferred headless CMS will be no more from April.

Can’t we all be sensible and just use blogs for posting and comments, eh?

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@leonp The indieweb tools like webmentions et. al. still seem like a Rube Goldberg machine to me. Too many moving parts that are easy to break.


@pimoore yeah, it’s a bit tin and string sometimes. You don’t really need all of this stuff either, but I spent so long setting it up I’m loathe to drop it.


@leonp Yeah I can understand that. I used to be that way, but more and more—especially these days where there are so many distractions—I’m at a point where I’d rather drop anything that gets in the way, or feels like it no longer adds value for whatever work it takes to maintain.


@pimoore This has been on my mind recently. I was thinking of not bothering with it all, but the growth of services like Mastodon and post-Musk era Twitter means there’s some value in webmentions – it provides a means to grow networks of people who have started to (micro)blog again.

So if someone reads this note on my site they see Mr Pete Moore’s mb response and maybe subscribe to his blog or mb feed.

TBF and WordPress handle this stuff well (at least I think they do). Part of the problem is me trying to cobble it all together on a static site.

Jessica Smith

Yeah, I’m having a day trying to get outbound webmentions working on my site, too 😭 Also need to work out what my best crossposting-to-Mastodon strategy is – via a webmention to Bridgy, via my Micropub server Indiekit, or whether I just keep doing what I’ve been doing and posting manually. It’s all quite a struggle.