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GB News on my Tv

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It’s really great having a smart TV because it will display adverts for GB News when you turn it on. Just great.

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I had the bright idea of getting a Roku a few months ago and just this past week, I finally set up a proper firewall. I was unsettled to see how frequently it was phoning home. I can only hope that I took the necessary steps in order to mitigate this and that it isn’t bypassing the restrictions that I have put in place.

This is only the tip of the iceberg however. It seems like it’s becoming harder to buy new appliances that don’t have some built-in networking component. While my set-top box broadcasts my watching habits, my fridge will sharing my eating habits with advertisers, my doorbell will be recording me and anyone who happens to pass by, my thermostat will be sharing my usage data, and so forth.


Yes, although if Samsung thinks I’d be into GB News it’s misreading my politics. I expect (hope?) the channel has simply bought the advertising slot on the TV.

I was reading somewhere recently just how impossible it is to buy a “dumb” TV that didn’t require a login. Even if you could, I guess you can’t use Netflix et al without the internet, so even if the manufacturer isn’t collecting data, the various services will be 🤷🏻‍♂️

Don’t they end up bricking your device if you don’t get it updated?

I have a fairly strict no IoT devices policy; even when I was given a free Google Home device (or whatever it’s called) when I bought a phone a few years back I gave it away.

There may be a relatively woodsman approach here in the UK which involved buying a dumb TV and just using the BBC’s iPlayer…