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In response to “Reply: Discussion doesn’t take place in the comments”

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It got through :-) Couple of things: i) I have a comment form switch, so the form only appears on certain posts (but I should maybe reconsider this) and ii) it’s a static site, so webmentions will only appear when I rebuild the site. I could automate this, but it might start costing as I have to pay for build minutes. You’re right, it’s not trivial implementing this stuff, especially on a static site. Cheers for the comment!

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I think it’s fair to have comments disabled for certain posts—I just couldn’t find them on any of your posts although I probably didn’t dig hard enough. I’m not big into commenting but I’ve been trying to do it more recently to let people know that they have readers out there, and sometimes I do enjoy a good discussion. I’m not on any social media so I like having a more accessible way of communicating, and sometimes it’s preferable to e-mail. Maybe you’re right though. I’m likely in the minority and most actual discussion does happen on social media.


Hey Poorchop,

Thanks for leaving a comment too!

Having a static site makes it hard to go indieweb and move all conversations to your website – no inbuilt, fully featured commenting system (with email updates when you get a reply, for example) and you even have to hack your way around webmentions.

I’ve really treated this site as a hobby where I try new things rather than a properly featured place where you can have conversations easily.

I could improve things, though. So I put the comment form back on every page. I could also look at automatically rebuilding the site whenever I get a comment so the commenter doesn’t have to wait for me to approve it. I could also fire a build whenever I get a webmention.

If I was starting out again I’d probably just use WordPress :-)

I’m not sure if you’re on That’s a pretty nice social media network that plays well with a website-first approach too. I wrote some bits and pieces on all this, if you’re interested.




You have a pretty good thing going here I think. Most sites with commenting enabled seem to require moderator approval—that’s expected due to spam. Same for Webmention. Automatically updating the site with every new comment and mention seems risky. These things are definitely tougher with a static site but it’s more rewarding when you get these features working. I’m slowly trying to find ways around these limitations myself.

I have heard about It seems cool but I don’t think that it’s for me, at least not at the moment. I have been enjoying sending mentions so thanks for inadvertently getting me to start working on a system for sending them.


Thanks, it’s kind of working OK. I pushed another change this morning as I wasn’t handling webmention likes very well. And we’ve managed to have a conversation through various means :-)

After you use Twitter et al you realise how easy they make it to respond to stuff. Pushing everything through websites is clunky. But having said that it looks like at least one person is subscribing to my RSS feed :-)

I’m finding is a good place to get discussion going around this sort of stuff, and it’s opening up a bit more.

Anyway, subscribing to your feed 👍