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… Musk said he planned to grow revenue by developing new features such as charging for embedding or quoting popular tweets, said Reuters. This would involve charging a fee when a third-party website wants to quote or embed a tweet from verified individuals or organisations. - The Guardian

This is a really stupid idea from the galaxy-brained Musk.

It’s really great having a smart TV because it will display adverts for GB News when you turn it on. Just great.

(Sorry for the slew of links. Lot of good articles out there!)

Genuine question. — Is there widespread uptake of the WordPress block editor in the real editing world? I find it incredibly frustrating to use.

Perhaps the best lens to examine compulsive, unproductive, inexplicable use of social media is not technical, or sociological, or economic, but psychoanalytic. In which case, rather than asking what is wrong with these systems, we might ask, “What is wrong with us?” — Going Postal

Added a retrospective taxonomy to dozens of articles I’ve linked to from my site. It works – would probably serve as a solid taxonomy for my own posts.

This seems right, no? Some people make an awful lot of money from their Twitter accounts, so get them to pay:

Twitter should move to a subscription model… Corporate users and users with large followings would pay for a fraction of the value they receive… by shifting the company’s revenue source from advertisers to users, subscription aligns economic incentives with user experience, rather than user exploitation. — @elon

Just when you thought NetNewsWire couldn’t get any better, it implements article themes.

’s good live updating a work web page for someone and taking PageSpeed tests before (with YouTube vids) and after (without). Before: 33, After: 81 🚀

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