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Guess it’s odd my Twitter account is private but I only post to it from my website, which anyone can see 🤔

It’s like 2008 all over again! I’m about to publish to the work website for the first time and I’m fairly nervous about it!

This web page has two search boxes. One is top right, but can you find the other?

The last two posts I’ve drafted ended up at >1500 words, and remain unpublished. Long posts are fine, but it’d be good to rediscover the quick, in and out 5-800 word form.

Ha! I posted about Robin Rendle’s MVP site design just a few days ago. Looks like he’s entered the making slight adjustments phase, and now it looks like mine :-)

It’s my last day at Suffolk Libraries, where I’ve been for 9 years. I start at ARU on Monday! Trad mix of sad and excited feelings, which I will deal with by sitting in a pub.

Quick win for hero and video addicted uni websites. — Add img sizes to markup, squoosh, lazy load where appropriate and offer modern formats. UCL serves 5MB of home page imagery, which could be shaved to 1.6MB without changing the design.

I started on Owen Hatherley’s Modern Buildings in Britain and can report, local followers, that Ipswich is “very ordinary”. Fair dos. (The Willis office is one of Foster’s 3 best British buildings, though.)

… Musk said he planned to grow revenue by developing new features such as charging for embedding or quoting popular tweets, said Reuters. This would involve charging a fee when a third-party website wants to quote or embed a tweet from verified individuals or organisations. - The Guardian

This is a really stupid idea from the galaxy-brained Musk.

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