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It’d be great if NetNewsWire allowed you to follow your Mastodon feed

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One of the many brilliant things about NetNewsWire is that it lets you follow your Twitter stream as an RSS feed (thereby giving you all the tweets with none of the replies, retweets, likes, views and general noise) As Mastodon is essentially the same thing, albeit federated and sans billionaire overlord, it’d be great if NNW offered a Mastodon to RSS service.

I’ve raised an issue on Github, if you’re interested:

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@BryceWrayTX Yes, although that’s cool too. You can authorise NNW to get your Twitter stream and convert it to an RSS feed (so you see what you see when login to the site/app, rather than just whatever you tweet).

Bryce Wray

@leonp Assume you mean other than the already-built-in capability with `.rss` on the end of an account’s URL, right?

Bryce Wray

@leonp Gotcha. I did know about that capability; just didn’t know that’s what you meant specifically. (Does it for a Reddit account, too.)