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Melie in Felixstowe

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A greyhound sniffs an incoming wave.

Melie’s first encounter with the sea at Langard Fort in Felixstowe.

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None 🦉.


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@leonp I hope she enjoyed it! First time we ever took Gizmo to the beach, he didn't even reach the ocean because he was so puzzled by the concept of sand 😂 The second time, he dared to investigate the water. These days he's an old hat, and charges up the path to take a dip whenever it's even remotely warm…


@jayeless I think she did. We certainly did. She was good, all in all, not too bothered and I think she enjoyed the wide flat spaces to march around in.

Gizmo sounds fun. I can only think of the havoc Melie would cause if we let her off the lead at the beach 😂