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This day’s portion and Hugo

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Is there any particular reason sites are built on Hugo? Of all the popular static site generators, I think it’s probably the most obtuse. The only reason I can think of is how quickly it builds sites.


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@leonp I’m genuinely curious about this too, as although I’m a complete newb at Go templates, when I look at Jekyll code and compare it to Hugo the latter looks like a hot mess.


@gr36 ah, ok, how would you template now? I’m _fairly _ interested in making a theme (I guess I could just look!)


@leonp If this comes down to a speed issue of Hugo building sites faster, did Jekyll not have faster compiling as part of the 4.0 rollout?


@leonp I don’t think any of them are easy enough for a non developer


@leonp After having used many different more or less the same template languages like them over the years I just see them all as the same with very minor differences


@leonp Just to add to what others have said, we started with Jekyll and switched to Hugo because of performance. Making everything faster is still one of my top priorities, so ever little bit helps.


@leonp I started with a stock one from the mb GitHub and then spent some time just tweaking the CSS.

I brought in a few and it was pretty complicated for me to work out the weird nuances with Hugo vs


@gr36 I haven’t looked at how everything fits together yet. I guess it’d be ideal for me if it was all Jekyll based, but I’m sure I could pick Hugo up again. Finding the time, isn’t it?