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My CSS is an absolute mess


Is a mess

Half atomic (millions of classes), half “going with the grain, work with the cascade”.

I should go with one or the other. The atomic stuff is easier, but I feel it’s an admission of defeat now we can do so much with CSS as it’s “meant” to be used.

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@leonp I can relate. Mine has grown organically — add a feature, "ooh, it needs styling". I really should sort it out but ...


@colinwalker Exactly. I'm the only person who could possibly make sense of it (not that anybody else will ever need to, but still...) When I get the time I'll start from scratch...


@shauny oh yeah, definitely; it's my own site so no-one else will ever need to understand it. I'm not a professional developer, either. But... there's still that itch to get it “right”.

shauny :heart_progress:

@leonp I always start a project with the intention of having the cleanest and most well organised CSS ever, and it always ends up just a bit of a mess. Doesn’t really matter, if it’s just something you’re working on your own.


@leonp Ha! At least you can makes sense of yours. I'm not sure I can of mine. 😆


@colinwalker There is one advantage to constantly tweaking, I guess. Pretty simple design, lots of custom properties all help. I still find I annoy myself when I try and implement new stuff.