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NetNewsWire 6 converts your Twitter feed to RSS

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This is interesting. My Apple RSS reader of choice NetNewsWire now has a feature where you can convert your Twitter stream into an RSS feed.

Screenshot of my Twitter feed in NetNewsWire

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None 🦉.


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@dannysale searches, timelines, mentions and your own account, but not lists – Feedbin lets you follow lists. Also, it’s all just on your Mac/iOS device, whereas Feedbin’s is stored on their service, so will work across different devices.


@leonp I'm aware of Feedbin. I actually am using a Tiny Tiny RSS install right now, with RSS Bridge to aggreagate Twitter. So far, so good.


@leonp I did the trial, and it's a great reader. I especially liked the newsletter feature. I've been meaning to look around for something that will accomplish that with any reader.