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On the primacy of blogging in the indiewebsphere

I thought this post on the primacy of blogging in the indiewebsphere from @AndyNicolaides was interesting as it indirectly touches on a question I’m thinking about: What is indieweb and who’s it for?

When you look into blogging options, there really are very few players in the game anymore and all of them, to one degree or another, feature a technical barrier to enter… If only blogged viewpoints are valid viewpoints then you end up amplifying an already deafening echo chamber of technically minded folks.

There should be a really easy to set up and post to system that can handle essays, notes, images and videos in a couple of taps, as well as conversations that take place on Twitter, Facebook etc. Ideally, there’d be no friction between the various platforms at all – it’d feel like you were posting to Twitter, even though you were publishing a canonical page on your own website.