Picture of a ZX Spectrum – black plastic box with rubber keys and a bright rainbow stripe across the bottom.

The ZX spectrum cost about £130 back in the early 80s

You’re no doubt swimming in nostalgia pieces from (mostly) men of a certain age eulogising the ZX Spectrum, after Clive Sinclair died yesterday. (Side note: Sinclair was a Mensa chair for many years, but he also refused to use the internet).

I could mention that the Spectrum is what I learned to program on – one dimensional arrays, single letter variables only, CLS to start every program, “load dot dot” etc. – but I thought I’d mention the branding, and how much I like that shiny black plastic, the colour around the keys, absurd futuristic SINCLAIR font, helvetica ZX Spectrum and that contrasting rainbow stripe. Got to be ripe for ripping off?

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512kb is huge :-)

Still, made me look at my home page again. About 77kb, of which 51kb is fonts. I think you can go down a rabbit hole with this when the basics are already there, but system fonts, webp images etc. etc.

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Jessica is right. For example, this exchange would be a lot easier on (or Twitter, for that matter) 😃

Another obvious limitation to funelling everything through your site is that they’re not built for actual back and forth conversations. It’s like posting declamations to church doors – which suits a certain style of writing (which I like, incidentally) – and waiting for a messenger to inform you of what’s been said. Like in Shakespeare, the messenger often doesn’t make it.

Also – I’m not sure if I’m addressing Jessica directly, or my general “audience” (if that’s not too grandiose a term for it).

Fish in the afternoon

Sometimes you get a Saturday where you can do pretty much what you want. For me that would be cycle in the morning, sleep for two hours then write something/anything in the afternoon.

Twitter forcing 2FA

I can’t think of many organisations I’d rather not give my phone number to more than Twitter, but they’ve decided to force 2FA on me whenever I login to the website. One more reason to get rid of it completely.

Twitter screen asking for a phone number, with no option to refuse.

Avenir b i

I will probably ditch it, but Avenir Next set in bold and italic makes for a grand title font (you won’t see it on non-Apple devices).

Screenshot of a title from my website set in Avenir Next, bold and italic

Measure article update

Added a section on narrow screens such as mobiles to my article about measure (or line width). TLDR: don’t sacrifice a readable font size for a 10-15 word measure.

Sophie Taeuber-Arp

I’ve added a wide image option to the website. Here’s some art that uses it (you’ll only notice a difference on wider screens):

Dark brown background with beige, orange and grey circles and demi-circles.

Composition à cercles et demi-cercles (1938), Sophie Taeuber-Arp