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Pocket now requires a Firefox account

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Screenshot of the dialogue on the Pocket website asking users to set up a Firefox account.

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Richard Carter

I migrated all my Pocket bookmarks to several months ago. Pocket is a nicer reading experience, but I needed something to make compiling sets of links for my newsletters easier. Raindrop works pretty well for this, although it’s sometimes a bit slow posting to it using the iOS Share Sheet, and it sometimes won’t delete bookmarks when I ask it to on mobile devices.


Thanks @richard. Raindrop looks pretty good.

It’s a shame, though, as I’ve been using Pocket for years and really like it. Their reader mode looks a bit better than Raindrop’s too.


I hadn’t heard of Raindrop before but it looks nice. I had Wallabag set up on a home server previously and I have been meaning to set it up again, but I think that it’s a fantastic alternative to Pocket. Laziness aside, I was hesitant to start using it again because I would end up bookmarking a lot of articles to read later only to forget about them and never end up reading them.

Regarding RSS data mining—I’m surprised that the corporate web moved away from RSS in light of the points that you made. The classic RSS-powered home pages that sites like Yahoo used to offer should have represented a lucrative opportunity to sell user data, but that web paradigm is long gone.



You mentioning Wallabag inspired me to get it installed. I bought a URL and £4.99/month shared hosting, and it appears to work. It bumpily imported 800-odd Pocket bookmarks successfully, and I’ve got it working on my iPhone and via a Firefox extension. It’s great (so far, it’s cheap hosting…) so thanks for that 👍


Awesome, glad that you got it working. They have a pretty comprehensive ecosystem set up as you already discovered and it integrates with every self-hosted RSS reader that I have tried so far. It was quite a shock when Mozilla decided to ignore Wallabag in favor of Pocket.


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@leonp Bingo, this should raise red flags for every Pocket user. Sadly I’ve lost so much respect for Mozilla, so in a way this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.