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Thanks, is useful, although it says I need to add an image with a u-photo class, which… I already have 🤷‍♂️

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Jessica Smith

Yeah, I found’s parsing to be very finnicky (as in: it missed things that were right there!) but that seemed to match the interpretation of various webmention receivers, too 😫 In the end, I got things to work by adding lots of extra <span> tags and making sure no elements were “overloaded” with too many classes. Like, the structure I ended up with that seems to work (within my post footer) is:

<span class="p-author h-card">
<a rel="author" class="u-url" href="…">
<img src="…" alt="…" class="u-photo">
<span class="p-name">Jessica Smith</span>

Hopefully I’ll be happy with how it looks for a long time, because I feel like if I tinker with it again, I’m going to break it 🙃