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Well, I did have crossposting to Mastodon working well enough with Matthias’ RSS/IFTTT guide, but it’s always taken ages for the post to show up in Mastodon, and just lately I’ve got an intermittent 422 error. You can set up to do it (and it’s quick and reliable), but then you don’t pick up Mastodon replies in your webmentions.

Outbound webmentions have always been problematic. I’m using Netlify’s own webmentions plugin, which sounds great but just doesn’t seem to work. Although it could be my markup? I’ve been using data elements.

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OK, so this is how nuts webmentions can get…

The above post was sent as a webmention… to Matthias Ott’s website. Not Jessica’s site. This is despite me linking to Jessica’s post before Matthias’ and it being marked up with the correct class u-in-reply-to.

On another note, if you do go to Matthias’ site, you’ll see I’m mentioned in there… through other people replying to something I must have posted on Mastodon a while back. I even appear to be Shauny at one point 😂

All I can guess is that the Netlify plugin I’m using looks for the first link in the element with the e-content class 🤷‍♂️. And that webmention implementations are the wild west.