Static sites for small organisations

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A while back I wrote about how great traditionally static (not SPAs or jamstack) sites are. I’ve had the work site go down a couple of times in the last month and I do think for small or medium size orgs on a small budget, these are a very good thing indeed. At the very least they keep small web teams sane.

The key is old-fashioned progressive enhancement. Take time to define a baseline, javascript-free experience and then build on that. You can do an awful lot with automated builds, javascript filtering and the odd outsourced service for things like forms. Trust me, not having (very fast) websites go down is good for you and the people visiting your site.

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@leonp The points you make here seem very sensible to me! I have sometimes wondered about small businesses, and how viable it can be for them to manage these heavy dynamic websites. Of course many of them would need some way to enable, say, online ordering, but it still...


@jayeless yes. We’re in a bit of an odd position. The library service here has been divested from council control – normally you’d have the whole council web/IT department to support the library website. Instead, it’s me and an editor, for a relatively high traffic site.

In this instance...