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Static time wasters

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I have spent way too much of my two weeks’ leave trying to redo my comments system – simply because Airtable makes paginating through query results really difficult. It really is time to move on, I think. I could have migrated to WordPress in that time.

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I devised my own (flat text file) commenting system many years ago to complement my own (flat text file) CMS (complete with RSS feeds). Both worked prettY well. That they worked at all frankly astonished me. What eventually prompted me to take the plunge and migrate to WordPress was not having an easy way to have Categories/Tags. I’m still glad I took the plunge, but having a simple, flat text file CMS did have certain advantages—not least, I had complete control over my HTML.


It’s seriously impressive coming up with your own comments system. Although this is a static site, I’ve always relied on third party services running in the background (Netlify forms, Zapier and Airtable previously).

I have found Welcomments and it seems to be exactly what I need: I get full control of the HTML and CSS, there’s no javascript dependency and the comments are all stored as json in my website repo.

So I’m going with that instead of wp (categories and tags are really easy in Jekyll; I just don’t use them much). I added your above comment via the system. Hopefully it all works OK.