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Testing webmentions. Again.

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Ah, webmentions… So apparently simple, but so many moving parts. Currently testing my outbounds (Netlify deploy → Ping with my RSS feed → Send outbound mention with correct classes). No idea if it’s working…

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OK, this is essntially a logical problem. So many moving parts…

If I creat a link, the RSS feed outputs the linked-to URL in the `` child, not the post URL on my website. Therefore, won’t have any data to work with as it (presumably) looks to the link to grab the linked-to URL and webmention-specific markup.

Possible solutions to this particular problem:

  • Link back to my site (but that means readers can only reach links via my site – bit longwinded)
  • Implement a separate replies section (doable, but they’d sit in a separate, possibly unlooked-at part of the site. I think it should be possible to make a normal note or post a like/reply etc.)
  • Implement a separate feed for likes and replies (doable, but yet another feed – concatenate posts, links and notes which have a webmention piece of YAML)


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@leonp Question, as I'm more interested in the content refreshing strategy here. With every new mention or comment, is the affected page rebuilt and a new deploy is triggered?


@andreipopa No. I could do that with Zapier through creating a zap that triggers a Netlify site build whenever my incoming webmention feed is updated, or whenever I get an incoming comment using the website’s own comment forms.

However, that could soon get expensive (only 300 free build minutes a month with Netlify, and I’m using Jekyll), and I think it’s good to be able to review any incoming mentions/comments before publishing.