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To toot or not to toot

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Not sure about going ahead and using Mastodon in the same way I used Twitter. It looks really nice and all that, but I managed to get out of the checking-my-stream-and-posting-something-every-few-minutes cycle, which was one of the main reasons I “went indieweb”.

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@leonp My current strategy (which I've just got working) is to post to Twitter, Microblog and Mastodon simultaneously using the Drafts app. I'm going to use this primarily for sharing stuff (i.e. all 3 platforms effectively become RSS feeds). I'll check in once a day to see if anyone's...


@richardcarter That’s pretty much what I’m doing, although I publish to my site first then autopost from there to Twitter and mb. I can’t get auto-posting from my site to Mastodon to work at the mo, though.

I use RSS to check in to everything. I do occasionally login...


@leonp Yes, that’s the app… Extremely powerful—you’ll love it! Sounds as if our strategies are pretty similar as I hope many of the things I share on the 3 platforms will be links to new stuff on my own sites!