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UK’s relegation to League One

Slightly disconcerting seeing a few of my international RSS feeds popping up with Sorry to see what’s happening to the UK posts. Does it look that bad from outside? Are we that much of a basket case?

We’re OK! Think of this as the end-game of Thatcherism – a parody; neoliberalism eating itself. Of course, that doesn’t mean it won’t be hugely damaging.

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@leonp I have admit, my partner and I have had multiple "omg the poor people in the UK" conversations. It does look really bad from the outside! The thing with power prices is crazy, and I've read something like a quarter of Britons (and a higher % of families with children) won't be able to afford to run their heaters this winter. It's not like Australia's a paradise where everyone feels warm during winter either, but in the UK that seemed particularly nasty. And that's on top of the endlessly worsening neoliberalism that you mention…


@leonp it is damaging. It will be damaging.

Said it before … saying it again … somehow she needs to be stopped.

But it’s not just the Trussians it’s the entire rotting carcass of the Tories … much as the Rethuglicans have lost the plot in the US .. so too their equivalents in the UK.

It can change … but they have to be voted out … and despite all logic … they keep getting voted in.

Jeremy was never an inspiring leader. Kier is better, but remains a cardboard cut out.

I was never a fan of Bliar … but at least he had personality and a brain … if a little misdirected over ‘international affairs’ …

The whole mess started with Cameron and Brexit and setting up a ‘winner takes all’ vote … and then doing nothing .. because he was complacent and assumed hat the public would go with him.

Since then we just see them doubling down on their mess.

Kier needs to step up. He’s not … but who would replace him?

Strikes me that Labour has a similar leadership problem …

OK … I’ll stop now … but I could go on!


@leonp 20 years on the web has taught me one our of a few undeniable truths: There's a big difference between living in a place and reading about a place.


@jayeless it’s been bad for years, really, and will get worse. You don’t see it close up when you’re protected by a decent job; or at least, you choose to ignore it.

Even with the cap, my payments are going up 20% from October.

Truss, unlike her predecessor, is not smart. The first time round, all this low tax, low regulation stuff generated money because there were a lot of state owned assets to flog for next to nothing: housing, utilities, the rail system. Now there’s nothing.


@SimonWoods Indeed. Very odd to have slipped into that group of countries that people are concerned about when we’re normally the people doing the concerning.


@JohnPhilpin The mess started with Thatcher. Part of that project was to destroy any notion of collective action, whether that was through unions or the Labour Party. The Corbyn project started to fix Labour, and we’re seeing an increase in union action at least. But then came Brexit and Johnson.