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Using Windows

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Downside to my new(ish) job: using a Windows laptop. I know there’s a feeling Macos quality is declining, but the sheer bugginess of Outlook, Teams etc. on Windows — my god! And you have to press 50 keys to get a proper apostrophe.

Amid the joylessness, Segoe UI is quite nice though.

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@leonp Haha, one of the closest things I've experienced to hell on earth was trying to teach a class of 25 five-year-olds how to make and save a drawing in some app their teacher wanted them to use on Windows 10. I guess that probably wouldn't have been fun with any operating system, but the inconsistent and buggy Windows UI really didn't help.


@jayeless if I had the time, I’d catalogue, screenshot and publish all the bugs I come across on a website. I’m sure people just get used to them and don’t notice after a time, but it contributes to the low-level annoyance and joylessness of using Windows.