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What email provider should I use?

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As Zoho have (without warning) suspended IMAP and POP access to email accounts from their free tier, I need an alternative provider. They also (unlike gmail) don’t allow free forwarding. Any suggestions, indieweb?

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I have heard good things about Snott’s recommendation (Migadu) and Migadu’s 20 out/day limit for the lowest tier seems a bit rough though.

Riseup provides a good service and they’re supported by donations so they don’t rely on selling user data. They’re kind of political though.

I’d love to self-host but it looks like a nightmare to set up. I don’t understand why e-mail of all things is one of the hardest things to self-host and maintain.



Thanks for the recommendations. I hadn’t even heard of riseup; looks interesting.

Yes, I have occasionally considered hosting this site myself (and would be interested in a jointly owned, kind of co-op setup), but email – never!


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@leonp You’re going to have to pay for any email service worth having, and I can’t recommend Fastmail highly enough. Several others around here will tell you the same thing. Fortunately it isn’t expensive.

Kev Quirk

@leonp exactly. I think I pay a quid each for my wife and I. When the kids grow up, ill add them too and it will still be cheaper than fastmail, google, O365 etc.

Kev Quirk

@leonp I thought they suspended that a long time ago?

I mean, Zoho is a great product and very cheap for what it is, they also have a solid privacy policy. So why not pay for the service instead of going to a free service, like Gmail or Hotmail, where you’re the product.

Jawsh Mizzle

@kev I've used Zoho for a couple years now and never had IMAP/POO access on the free tier. They should grandfather any users who signed up when it was included in the free tier.


@kev @leonp I use Migadu. I unsubscribe judiciously from marketing so get away with their lowest tier which is crazy cheap.


@kev Thanks Kev. Yes, that’s fair enough; the privacy policy was why I moved several years back… A bit of a shock when emails suddenly stopped arriving and sending without any notice (including one quite important message), though. I guess they’ve got rid of it in batches.

When I signed up you got IMAP access as part of the free plan, so I think it’d be “ethical” to at least provide free forwarding if that’s revoked — I’m a bit trapped in the service without it.


@kev then again, it’s just a quid a month for 10GB…


@jawsh @kev indeed (also, I’ve learnt the verb “to grandfather” from this thread 😀)

Kev Quirk

@leonp ah you might have had it grandfathered and they’ve taken it away. If so, that a bit shitty. In my experience, they’re announcements come via banners in their webmail client, so if you don’t use that, you may not have seen any potential announcements.

Still a failing on zoho’s part though - users shouldn’t have to hunt for this kind of info.

All that said, I still really rate zoho and will continue to recommend them to anyone who will listen. They’re just so damned cheap. 😊

leonp strange you should say that as I've been trying out the Vivaldi browser recently. Thanks!