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WP block editor

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Genuine question. — Is there widespread uptake of the WordPress block editor in the real editing world? I find it incredibly frustrating to use.

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Richard Carter

I tend to write most of my new posts in Markdown in my editor of choice, then cut and paste it directly into WordPress: the WordPress editor usually converts it automatically just fine.

For more complex formats like my newsletters (which contain images in tables), I use a combination of HTML and Markdown (using standard templates I developed), then cut and paste across. But the tables/images usually need a little bit of tweaking for alignment in the WordPress editor.

I was dead against the block editor at first. It turned out better than I expected. But they seem hell-bent of continuing to add way too many features, and it’s completely over the top.



Yeah, the Markdown block(?) is useful as it breaks out of all the other ultra-regimented groups, layouts and blocks and whatever.

My problem is that a visual editor should make it easy to, erm, visually edit pages, but it’s really awkward and frustrating to even select things accurately.

Like you say, having dozens of different options doesn’t help.


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@leonp I stopped using WordPress and moved one blog to Ghost specifically because of the WordPress block editor. It's really degraded the writing experience for me.


@jameskoole I’m trying to build a one page site to handover to my colleagues when I leave my current job. It is so fussy and hit and miss; selecting a block or group takes about 4 attempts. If I was blogging with WordPress I’d just turn it off.


@leonp I hate the block editor, it's very hard to work in. I keep trying to give it a fair chance on different websites but it's not winning me over for any use I have 👎