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On the technology between full-on SPAs and traditionally static websites. There’s a lot you can do here – and it’s simple to manage and not dependent on a ton of other packages.

We are beautifully falling into the sea here in East Anglia.

Libraries as what my colleague James would describe as a place to be.

Overworked, underpaid. Well, it’s a vocation, isn’t it?

There are many ways to set a base font size on your website. When I wrote about this last year, I was using media queries to up the base font size as the screen got wider. This works well enough, but poses three problems.

… Musk said he planned to grow revenue by developing new features such as charging for embedding or quoting popular tweets, said Reuters. This would involve charging a fee when a third-party website wants to quote or embed a tweet from verified individuals or organisations. - The Guardian

This is a really stupid idea from the galaxy-brained Musk.

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