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How print and web are different

I’ve just listened to the wonderful SVA Dot Dot Dot Lectures: Jason Santa Maria:

There’s a lot of thoughtful (and thought–provoking) stuff in here, all clearly presented. I’d simply add:

  1. It’s interesting to see how much JSM appreciates the differences between print and web design. I’ve always felt his blog represents an effort to use print techniques on the web. That it’s a series of (beautiful) posters lovingly recreated on a web page. But there’s a lot more going on.

  2. The means of web production are a lot more freely available than print production, which means that  people with no formal web education can publish web texts. This is a good thing, even if it results in ropey design.

  3. Because virtually anybody can publish a web page there’s been no need  to develop a rigorous web design education.

  4. There’s also a lot of printed crud out there.

  5. A lot of content serves a workaday purpose (just as it does in the print world).

  6. There are still a lot of print designers who have migrated to web design.

  7. Site designers (or owners) are scared of not making every single last bit of content available to readers: this results in some vast, unavigable pages.

  8. The web’s still a very young medium.

  9. Print will prove to be a positive and negative influence on web design.

  10. JSM also writes very well.

[caption id=”attachment_562” align=”aligncenter” width=”420” caption=”Magazines available on and offline”]Magazines available on and offline[/caption]

I’d like to see if the web influences print design in any way, and if it can emerge as a design discipline in its own right.