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Posts are (on the whole) longer form pieces of writing with a possibly more developed argument than notes.

Why doesn’t Labour like people who live in cities?

Labour’s core vote – its “heartlands”, if you like – isn’t in the deindustrialised north but in the metropolises, university towns and their overflow areas. So why doesn’t it seem to like them?

The state of the Labour Party in 2021

I don’t write abut politics much anymore, but this seems a good time to think about the state of the Labour Party. Labour will do badly in tomorrow’s elections due to a number of factors outside its control, but the current leadership is catastrophically wrong in its strategy.

Four reasons to delete at least 95% of your website

Outdated web content makes finding things difficult, managing sites even more onerous and is bad for the environment. It may seem counterintuitive, but ruthless excision could be a good thing.

Notes on the “indieweb” #3: Who’s it for?

In the first two parts of this series on the indieweb I looked at publishing to your own website, conversations off the social media giants’ networks and finding content when you’re no longer using Twitter, Facebook etc. In this part I’ll start to explore the meaning of “indieweb” – specifically, who it’s for.