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ITV News website redesign

Noted: The new ITV News website from Made by Many. It’s very, very good. Why?

  • The simple layout means I can get to lots of news quickly. The main feature is a vertical list of stories that’s easy to scan.
  • A stream of news updates where content is pushed out at a rate of about 10–20 posts an hour (more when a big story breaks). The blog format allows the editors to publish traditional, long form articles as well as shorter, 50–100 word pieces (similar to a Tumblog or WordPress asides)
  • A Twitter–like update notification system. This is really good as it introduces a sense of urgency, especially when a big news story breaks (yesterday’s budget, for example)
  • Articles grouped by stories rather than extensive taxonomies, which results in
  • Simple navigation.

This feels modern – something dynamic that’s been built for the web rather than grudgingly shifted over from another medium. It makes other news sites seem static and rooted in a print–based past. And, most of all, it’s been built on what users, rather than editors, want.

It also shows that the Tumblr ‘make it easy to publish’ format is fine, as long as the editorial is of a high quality.