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k-punk and Peep Show

I wgetted k-punk this afternoon, partly in the vague fear that it might disappear one day, and partly because the design is quite old and thus quite unreadable (no <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">, for example). I may host it on Netlify when I’ve finished smartening it up – I’m assuming that would be legal.

(In case you’re unaware, k-punk is the blog of Mark Fisher, a radical writer/blogger who committed suicide in 2017. His best known work was Capitalist Realism, an influential and popular post-2008 crash text. Fisher’s politics and interests were not entirely disimilar to mine – Fall fan, Lovecraftian – and he lived in Felixstowe, 12 miles down the road from here, and where I think I’ll retire to.)

Anyway, flicking through k-punk is a diverting way to spend a couple of hours, and quite encouraging in that it starts as a normal blog, ruminating on subjects such as Peep Show.