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Moving my hosting to Mythic Beasts

My quest for a host has landed at Mythic Beasts, via Fastmail and Render. Funnily enough, I only stumbled across them because they host my favourite website.

I did a bit of testing on the Sherlock Holmes subdomain, which went smoothly enough, so I’ve moved this site and my work site over with no problems so far (fingers crossed, touch wood etc.)

Mythic Beasts meets most my requirements. They seem like a normal business – no VC funding, UK based – although of course you can never tell. The little support I’ve needed has been good: quick, friendly and via email. It feels different from the shiny, smiley, enshittifying, Arc-type bullshit that you normally can’t avoid stepping in. Down to the 2003 website.

Technically, it’s perfect: 5GB storage, 100GB bandwidth, SFTP, as many domains and subdomains as I like, a database should I want to go down the WordPress route at any point. It costs three quid a month.

Short of setting up some hosting with a group of like minded ecocommunists, this is probably the best I can do.